Camp Includes:

  •  Several Officiating assignments

  • Classroom instruction

  • Individual instruction
  • Floor evaluation
  • Video analysis and breakdown

  • T-Shirt

  • Social 

Invited Coordinators:
Jon Levinson - NCAA Secretary Rules Editor, Patriot League, NEC

Kathy Lynch - East Coast Conference
Diane Plas - GMAC, OAC, PAC

Lois Holmes - River States Conference

Diana DePaul - NBA Referee Scouting Lead 

 2019 Camp Staff:

 Cara Seggie - NEC, Mountain East, GMAC, PSAC, Division II Regional Official, Division II Elite 8 and 2019 National Championship Official

Kelly Moyer - MEAC, Southern, Big South, CIAA, ODAC, Division III Final Four, Division II Regional Official

Chris Derico - Mountain East, GMAC,

Division II Regional Official, WV State HS Championships

Josh Howell - Conference USA, Southern Conference, Big South, Horizon, OVC, Mountain East, GMAC, ODAC, Division II Regional Official, Division II Elite 8, WNIT

Eric Pethtel - NEC, MAC, Mountain East, GMAC, PAC, WV State HS Championships

Jermaine Griggs - NEC, Patriot, MEAC, Mountain East, GMAC, SIAC, PAC

Former Staff includes:

Jennifer Rezac

Bryan Brunette

Kevin Pethtel

​Jason Wilkinson

Tony Louk

Dave McAndrew

​Matt Balster